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June 14 2018


How Chatbots and AI Impact Customer Educat …

Have you ever experienced this situation? You have to contact customer service of a company you’re using, so you go to their website and click on the little pop-up window asking if you need to speak with someone about the company’s services.

For some time, you may think that there is a real person answering your questions but in reality, the first questions are answered by a chatbot (depending on the nature of the query, a chatbot can answer most questions).

Many industries benefitted from the advent of this AI-powered technology, including online business. Although chatbots can’t handle all customer queries, they can be useful for many routine queries that comprise a large share of customer service requests.

It’s safe to assume that chatbots will be increasing in popularity because of their ability to prevent minor customer service issue and ensure that customers’ requests are answered.

So, let’s get to know them better and what they can do to improve customer education.

1. Provide Website and App Users with Service-Related Information and Reduce Costs

The adoption of chatbots has been growing in the recent years, mainly because they can handle a lot of work in customer service and reduce associated costs. The reason why they are being adopted mainly by large companies is that AI automation only makes sense in case of a relatively large support volume.

For example, if a business has 8 support agents, the cost savings won’t be significant, so a chatbot wouldn’t be worth the investment. However, if a company has lots of customer service requests, chatbot is something that can really help.

In addition to websites, app users also can greatly benefit from AI. For example, Starbucks designed an AI-powered chatbot in their mobile app that allows customers to explore products, create their own customized beverages, speak to the barista to order drinks by voice, and even give tips.

Here’s some data from IBM indicating how chatbots can reduce customer service costs:

  • They can improve response times by 99 percent
  • They can recognize 40+ distinct use cases to identify simple queries and resolve them quicker
  • Reduce customer service per-query cost from $15-$200 (human agents) to $1 (chatbots)

Clearly, the possibilities to provide customers with information about products and services are impressive. That’s why IBM has already predicted that 85 percent of all customer interactions will be handled without a human agent.

2. Providing Product Training to Customers

Many companies are using chatbots on instant messaging platforms to increase customer education in areas related to their products and services. For example, a personal care brand Sephora launched a chatbot on Kick that it used to engage with customers.

Here’s how it works: initiating a chat results in a message from the bot welcoming you (“Hi Megan, welcome to Sephora!” etc.). In a few moments, the chatbot begins providing the customer with information on what it can do. For example, it can say that you can get makeup reviews and tips.

If the customer agrees, the chatbot begins sending relevant content such as product reviews and how-to videos. For the time being, the language of the bot doesn’t seem natural, but it helped a lot of people find useful information.

In fact, Sephora’s chatbot was so successful, Kick even published a case study on how the brand used the platform to engage with teens for prom.

3. Create VR Training Simulations

“AI-powered technology can be a huge help with the live training of customers,” says Bryan James, a customer service expert from For example, they can experience how a product or service in a virtual simulation would assist them in their daily lives instead of watching videos of how it works.

Many brands have created custom virtual reality experiences to showcase their products and services. For example, IKEA provides its potential customers with a virtual kitchen experience to help them truly visualize how it would look in their home.

Thanks to this technology, customers don’t have to guess how an IKEA’s kitchen will look in their home. Moreover, they can identify potential design solutions and ultimately create the best kitchen they can possibly can.

The aforementioned Sephora also has an impressive virtual reality solution called Virtual Artist. Basically, it’s a makeup app that allows to try on different products such as eye, lip, and cheek makeup instantly as well as looks created by beauty experts.

4. Measure Effectiveness of Customer Education Programs

Customer training and education programs including ones mentioned above can provide insightful data and information on customer preferences and needs.

Businesses can take advantage of this feature and collect information that measures the effectiveness of training programs and software products.

June 13 2018


Will Building a Sales Funnel Double Your Profits in 2018?

According to a Demand Gen Report, 95% of buyers choose to go with a vendor who provided them with the content to move through each phase of the buying process. A vendor will only be able to produce the right content at the right time when she is using a sales funnel to push the prospects through the buying stages.

What are the sales funnel? Sales funnels are based on the classic marketing hierarchy of – Awareness, Interest, Decision, and Action, popularly called the AIDA.

HubSpot has been a heavy influencer in bringing the sales funnel definition to masses. According to HubSpot, a sales funnel is a process of pushing a lead through the stages of Attraction, Conversion, Closing, and Delight.

On every stage, the lead gets promoted into the role of Strangers, Visitors, Leads, Customers, and Promoters after the brand carries out certain activities successfully.

Now that you know what a sales funnel is in the simplest words, here is why you need one in 2018:

#1. It helps you differentiate between marketing and sales activities.

Many businesses have a combined sales and marketing team. This might work for a small scale business but as the operations grow, the roles of marketing and sales completely change.

In the simplest terms – marketing brings leads and sales are supposed to convert them. All lead generation activities come under marketing and all conversion activities come under sales. When you use a sales funnel the objectives of marketing and sales teams get clearly bifurcated.

This helps in multiple ways – primarily it helps you ascertain the individual performances of the sales and marketing teams, which will help you identify the inefficiencies in the process. Marketing may bring quality leads and sales might not be efficient enough to convert them and vice versa. In anyways, you will know where to hit to make the process work.

In addition to this, the sales and marketing bifurcation will help you in providing performance-based remuneration, better collection of data on each level of the customer journey and help your team focus on their expertise under their scope of work.

#2. You make your sales a more efficient process.

In addition to this, if a live chat solution is integrated with the sales funnel it can help in on the spot conversion, better customer experience, decreased bounce rates and increased engagement.

28% respondents to this research said that closing more deals was their top priority as sales executives and leaders. More than anything else, a sales funnel helps you close more deals because:

  1. It makes you qualify leads to ensure that you only pursue what you can convert. Sales executives spend a lot of time and resources in conversion; if the lead is not converted all the resources go in vain. Thus it becomes imperative to pursue only the leads which have a high probability of converting.
  2. Since you can bifurcate the quality of leads, you get to decide which leads you to want to pursue and which are a bit too resource consuming for your process.
  3. You have an organized way to differentiate leads along with an action plan to approach each category. You will know which leads require more nurturing and which leads are hot enough to be pitched with the product. Each sales executive, with the help of the funnel, gets a clear action plan to be leveraged to push the lead into the next level of the customer journey.
  4. You are able to quantify the efficiency of your sales process. At the initial stages of the sales funnel are the leads or strangers entering the customer journey. At this very stage, the sales team and the marketing team can determine the quality of each lead depending on the fulfillment of certain parameters. Hence, in the very beginning, there is a benchmark set up for the sales team depending on the quality of leads it has received. This way, the efficiency of the sales process can be easily quantified.

You become a customer-centric organization. Jeff Bezos once said, “We’re not competitor obsessed; we’re customer obsessed.” This radical customer centricity made Amazon the giant it is today. Many sales teams do not focus on customer centricity.

Sales teams are working where the tarmac hits the rubber – the market. Hence, they become a bit too carried into market dynamics and forget that the customer is looking for the best value and not necessarily the best prices. Sales teams often find themselves trying to beat the offers or the prices of the competitors with the help of deep discounts, extended warranties and what not. Although such tactics may help in the short run, they are not a healthy strategy for winning customers and retaining them. There can always be a better offer in the market.

When sales funnels come into the picture, sales personnel get to interact on a deeper level with the customer and the entire focus shifts to solving the customer’s queries and providing solutions to their problems in order to help them navigate through their sales process. Not only does this help the sales executives understand the customer needs closely but it also helps them pitch the brand as a problem solver instead of just another shop for the usual goods.

#3. It becomes easier to track the performance of your sales team.

Sales performance tracking becomes easier. Not only sales but one also gets to see the performance of the brand’s marketing efforts. This can be done because every single lead goes through the marketing channel and then is passed on to the sales channel. Hence, depending on the conversion rates on each stage in respect to the quality of the leads, it can help in understanding the employee performance in the right context.

This helps in two ways- one, it helps in identifying the best performers who can further set the best practices standards within the organization and who can be used as benchmarks; two, it helps in showing which sales rep might need more training.

According to a SiriusDecisions report, 73% of organizations use classroom training for new sales reps, with the average of 13.3 days for the top performers. Once their results are out, the business can help nourish its sales talent within the organization by providing apt training.

#4. Your end focus becomes creating promoters, not just customers.

The sales teams are usually paid on the basis of the business they bring in. Most of the sales executives take this as the opportunity to bring in new business because there is no extra initiative to retain older clients. As it is known to everyone in business, retained customers are more valuable than new ones. A customer who has bought from a business once has 27% chances to buy from the same business again. When the same customer has bought from the business thrice, the same percentage goes up to a likelihood of 54%.

June 12 2018


Everything You Need to Know About New in Android According to Google I/O 2018

What is Google I/O?

Google I/O is the annual developer conference held by Google in May of every year. It is interesting not only for programmers but also for billions of Internet users, most of whom are also users of search giant products and services.

The annual Google I/O conference in May largely determines the priorities for the development of the industry for the whole year.

This year, Google I/O was held again at the Shoreline Amphitheater in Mountain View, California.

The conference began on Tuesday, May 8, 2018, and in its course, the audience could learn a lot about the future of the mobile Android OS and company’s efforts towards the development of artificial intelligence.

It was also expected that additional information about the new platform for portable devices, Wear OS, will be realized. Significant attention went to Google Home app/updates, Assistant, Home, Android TV box, Google Play, Android smartwatch and the company’s search engine.

During this period of the year, Google aims to show everyone that its software is smarter and more progressive than similar products from its competitors – Amazon, Apple, Facebook, and Microsoft.

The customers will be faced with a lot of changes, as well as the rating of sites will change. During searching from a smartphone, the system will output to the top those sites that have a mobile version, and then “scatter” them on other features.

The user determines these features. Convenient navigation, useful and readable articles, quality content, will lead the site to the leaders due to the number of visits.

But if you’d like to have well-written content you can order professional text from EssayLab on the lowest price.

The last trend is optimization. The keyword of the request will depend on the links offered by the search engine. If the word has a bright coloring of the trading sphere, first of all, online stores will appear.

New features in Android development. Android P features

The central theme of Google I/O is usually the newest version of the mobile operating system Android. This year, we were talking about Android P. In the last year version of Android Oreo, the display of notifications was revised, and the approach to software update of mobile devices was improved.

It is expected that changes in the latest mobile software will be visual and will touch upon the improvement of the interface of the most popular operating system for smartphones.

Those who have worked with the first evaluation version of the new OS for developers, released in early March, mark certain trends. In Android P great attention is paid to “find a place,” as it’s becoming increasingly common in modern full-screen smartphone capture.

Changes will affect the privacy settings, unification, and simplification of the approach to design and increase the usability of menus, docks and settings screens. According to rumors, some features of the approach to gestures, similar to the iPhone X from Apple, can also be implemented in Android P.

What are Android tv and Android auto?

Android TV and Android Auto are not among those features that are often spoken on the Web. But, one way or another, during the I/O conference, there were some critical things connected with them.

Android TV has been around for years. Last year, users saw the redesign of the home screen for the version of Android O and nothing more impressive.

However, in this context, you should also remember rumors that Google can release such a Chromecast dongle on Android TV with support for 4K, which provides a full-fledged television interface.

The Android Auto software has been on the market for several years. Of recent improvements, wireless support for the Pixel and Nexus devices, which was implemented in the past month, is especially noticeable.

In January of this year, the company announced that the Assistant software would soon become the core of Android Auto’s voice features. On Google I/O, the public was able to familiarize with this function of the software intended for cars.

Google assistant and Google Home/News

Assistant remains the most significant competitor to Amazon Alexa and to a lesser extent Apple Siri and Microsoft Cortana. Assistant can work not only on devices running iOS and Android operating systems as an application and voice interface but even more.

It can be attractive as a software layer of the operating system designed for smart home devices, which are already represented in the market by a line of original columns from a software.

During the conference, that have represented not only some new functions of Google Assistant but also new approaches to the integration of this software with Google Home.

However, the announcement of devices will take place during the autumn presentation, simultaneously with the debut before the general public of the Pixel devices. As for developers, no new hardware products are expected.

Google Home is the leader of the market, and its feature is in voice control. The appearance of a similar function in all Android devices will be the first step for changing the search engine.

This is followed by the trend of extended snippets (in the Russian Internet, it’s known as “zero position” or “fact-finding fragment”). This is the information that appears at the top of the page in the form of a question. Snippets take 10% of traffic from other sites, and they will be maximally personalized in 2018.

Google Photos, News, and Play

As Google Photos, News and the platform of Google Play are trendy products; the significant attention is paid to them every year at I/O conference.

Talking about Photos, it was introduced how the company’s software, which recognizes the image and objects, has improved the application for storing photographs and helps to create exciting montages, GIF, and other short video content.

Google is going to rework its News platform for computers and mobile devices.

Presumably, the Newsstand application is converted into an all-in-one mobile Google News application with additions to the larger volume of YouTube videos and the fast download of the company’s proprietary format, AMP, for all platforms. Google News debuted at the opening of the conference.

Some changes in the design of Chrome and the recent significant redesign of Gmail give reason to believe that this is a more unified approach to the design of software for Android devices, Chromebook computers running on a PC, Chrome and web applications.

And Google I/O is an excellent opportunity for the company to show its new approach to a wide audience.

The company has introduced a new tool that will allow developers of artificial intelligence applications to interact with Google Photos. This is an API that allows third-party applications and services to access the management of the Photos user library.

Wear OS and the conclusions of the conference of 2018

As far as you know, the software platform for wearable devices is now called not Wired OS but Wear OS. An introductory version of the new Wear OS was released simultaneously with the developer-designed version of Android P.

Wear OS is characterized by much-needed enhancements to mobile devices concerning the battery life of the device without recharging and a dark user interface mode that is more comfortable for the eyes when you just need to look at the clock and quickly perceive the information displayed on their display.

The company has recently announced several updates for Wear OS, which bring more features to Google Assistant and Android auto apps into the platform for wearable devices.

Wear OS will be the platform that will change the way users view what the smart clock is capable of with its software. The main feature will be the voice control capabilities through the integration of Google Assistant.

However, I/O considered not only the new version of Android but also the prospects for the development of the company’s artificial intelligence technologies.

The head of Google, Sundar Pichai has been positioning artificial intelligence already for several years, as that is what will become an essential direction for the company in the future.

He mentioned software that can see and understand the world around us, identify objects, and analyze the natural language, and all this is going to help Google to improve each of its products in the coming years.

Moreover, this process has already begun with such products as Google Assistant (voice and text functions), the translation program and the Google Lens object recognition and imaging platform.


How to Get a Good Score on Google PageSpeed Insights (For WordPress Users)

PageSpeed Insights is a renowned website performance tool launched by Google to help website owners easily identify ways to enhance their website performance by following the given recommendations.

Google PageSpeed Insights tool provides a score of 0-100 on the basis, how good your site is performing on a set of certain metrics for both desktop and mobile users.

Although it is possible to score 100 out of 100 in Google PageSpeed Insight yet we would advise you should not obsess over the score.

100% score is not possible in all scenarios as it also depends on how your WordPress is set up. Sometimes, because of multipurpose theme and external plugins used on a WordPress site, it is difficult to achieve a perfect 100.

In this tutorial, we will take a look at some most common warnings and suggestions from Google PageSpeed Insights tool by working on which you can get a good score.

#1: Image Optimization

If your PageSpeed Insights score recommends optimizing images, first of all, you should check which images should be optimized that you can know by clicking on ‘Show how to fix’ option.

You will notice most of the images are loading from your website’s domain URL. If you find some images from other online sources, download those images in your computer system first, and upload them via your WP Admin Dashboard. It will load them natively on your website

Luckily, for WordPress users there a plenty of good image compression plugins that can easily fix image optimization issues. Some popular plugins are:


EWWW Image Optimizer Cloud

Using these plugins you can compress your images to a perfect size without compromising on quality.

#2. Remove Render-Blocking JavaScript and CSS

This recommendation from PageSpeed Insights tool may sound like a jargon to novices. Actually, it means elements like JavaScripts and CSS being loaded on your site are being needed to load before your site can start uploading your site’s content.

The tool like can give you a better visual of the error.

For WordPress users fixing this error is exceptionally simple. WP users may install Autoptimize plugin and W3 Total Cache plugins to resolve this issue. If you don’t know how to work with them, read a complete guide on how to permanently remove render-blocking JavaScript and CSS in WordPress.

#3. Avoid Landing Page Redirects

As you can see this recommendation is quite self-explanatory. Don’t redirect your website’s main page (home page) to somewhere else!

For instance, redirecting to for mobile users can be a bad idea. Your mobile users will have to wait too long to load your site.

Luckily, most WordPress themes are responsive nowadays which means they can automatically load the mobile version of your theme for mobile devices without having to redirect to a different site. By picking the right responsive WordPress theme you can get out of this situation.

#4: Minify HTML, CSS & JavaScript

Website owners who have excessive line breaks, spaces or other unnecessary characters in their HTML and CSS may encounter this warning from Google PageSpeed Insights tool. By minifying these script files (HTML, CSS & JavaScript) you can speed up your loading speed and keep your users and search engine happy.

As WordPress uses PHP language, most of your web pages will not be HTML. But still, you can see this warning because of Javascript and CSS used into your WP site.  Remember, your WordPress theme and plugins also use Javascript.

To get a good score, and eliminate this warning, you can use a plugin like Autoptimize. The good thing is, the plugin is also compatible with CDN. You can configure your CDN with the plugin by putting your CDN URL in Autoptimize settings.

#5. Prioritize Visible Content

It is another major suggestion that most website owners receive when they run the speed test on Google PageSpeed Insights. The tool analyzes the whole website and checks if there is a content that is needed to download in your users’ browser before the ‘render’ process can begin.

To improve the score of this warning, you should combine and minify resources like CSS and JavaScript. Also, make sure all your page are properly structured.

Most WordPress owners find the Autoptimize plugin useful to minify CSS and Javascript.

#6. Leverage Browser Caching

For most WordPress users this warning could be quite confusing because WP engine already has browser-level caching directives for pages on websites. Generally, in WordPress, this warning comes up when your website is referencing outside resources such as Google analytics JavaScript or Google fonts.

To resolve this issue, you should download the scripts to your site and load them from your domain. WP Engine will add caching directives to these scripts automatically.

#7. Reduce Server Response Time

If you are seeing this warning after running a test for your site on Google PageSpeed Insights, it means your server response time is being affected.

To calculate this metric, Google looks at TTFB (Time to First Byte). There can be various factors that may influence TTFB such as server load, network traffic, bad DNS response, poor server configuration, etc.

June 11 2018


Are There SEO Benefits For Guest Bloggers?

In the digital marketing scene, SEO plays a significant role when it comes to driving up your website ranking. With the right mix of SEO strategies, it’s easy to enjoy top spots on search engines.

Whether you are using link building, backlinking or guest posting, SEO has to be a major element if you expect great results. Over time, SEO has always been a boon for marketers with a knack for guest posting. It has been a reliable SEO technique, ever since the advent of digital marketing.

Digital advertising is huge in the internet age. Compared to offline methods, it’s one of the fruitful approaches that draw traffic in hordes. As a publisher, you need to look for ways to avail free advertising on theory digital platform. With SEO backed guest posting, you will enjoy free advertising.

After submitting high-value content, all you need to do is to sit back and enjoy a consistent trickle of followers from other high authority domains, where you have submitted content.

As long as your host site enjoys a huge following, you will have it easy to drive traffic from their website to your webpage. SEO enables a publisher to post impacting and unique articles for your niche and exposes you to potential leads interested in your brand and products

 SEO Benefits of Guest Blogging

There are many supplementary advantages you gain as a guest blogger. But from an SEO perspective, there are significant benefits that make guest posting a winner in the backlink building scene. SEO makes guest blogging a must have since it leads one to:

  • Relevant and Authority Websites: The host site that gives you a backlink is ranked exceptionally. You are not looking for backlinks from a little-known or a generic link source or farm. You will get quality links from reputable websites in your niche. There are no better backlinks you can get from any other source.
  • Low Outbound Link Count: The backlink you will get from an authority site is one among the few that lead out to other websites. With guest posting, you will enjoy a high fidelity link from a reputable webpage, this ends up giving your outbound link more weight and authority.
  • Top Page Ranking: Even if your page ranking isn’t as impressive, you are likely to get high notch ranks, since your guest posts are already on reputable web pages. If these web pages enjoy top page rank, the perks will trickle down to you as well.
  • Guaranteed Domain Diversity: With more guest posts, SEO ensures that your articles get published on a variety of highly ranked sites. Search engines including google love to see a collection of quality backlinks coming from a dense variety of domains as long as they are from unique owners.

With the domain diversity, your link profile will grow and earn a reputation. From an SEO standpoint, all the premium ingredients that make a good backlink are offered by a guest post. All you have to do is create informative, catchy and solution packed content that everybody is willing to share.

Guest Posting on High Authority Websites

From a ranking perspective, websites which publish engaging and impacting content end up being authority sites. Its search engine optimization that makes Google love content that educates and solves user problems. As a reward, Google makes sure that such sites are on the top of search results and website rank tracker tools can verify this. If you manage to get your edifying content, you get the attention of the traffic from top sites for free.

Sometimes back, top search engines would penalize websites that opted for extensive great posting. With SEO, you shouldn’t worry about penalties. Today, crawlers will identify quality backlinks leading to your page and they will rank it higher instead of censoring your site. The good thing is that you have already made a compelling impact on your posts and high authority sites will consistently share more of your posts.

Guest Post Positioning for More Traffic

Your guest post needs to play the positioning role. Every post you forward to an authority site should drive back a significant amount of quality traffic. However, you can only benefit if you understand the audience or followers on the said website. Take time to understand what they need. Making inroads and tapping into their whims, desires and problems mean you have the golden chance to connect with them. At times, you can turn their emotions into a ticket that will inch you closer to your leads or revenue goals.

Influencer Traffic Makes the Difference

At the same time, connecting with large swathes of traffic from an influencer’s page will make you stand out. SEO-wise, it’s exactly what you need. The other top-level, highly reputable influencers will take note. It won’t be on a theoretical level but actionable.

You are likely to get published in all the relevant and highly regarded pages. It won’t be easy for a competitor to drag you back down. If the authority site that wants to publish you has a huge following, SEO will have worked its magic in your favor.

Adhere to White Hat SEO Rules

In your quest for authority blogs that can accept your content, it’s wise to adhere to the white hat rules that govern SEO as a whole. It’s advisable to abide by keyword rules. As much as you are using rich keywords, don’t attempt to stuff them.

Top search engines and Google will take note if they notice the unnatural use of keywords. It’s important to respect the use of anchor text in the process. Don’t introduce foreign anchor text that doesn’t rhyme with your topic. Your site will be okay with one anchor text link going back to your landing page. Don’t forget to include authority site links that benefit readers going either direction.

Guest blogging will boost your engagement. If you want to rise above the competition, you need to show the stats out there. Although your topics are value packed, don’t forget to keep them fresh.

Make use of social media links. Even though they might not be flagged as reasons to push your ranking higher, they boost your authority.

Adding backlinks from your social media profiles and share buttons will lead more followers to your content and brand. Eventually, make sure that interaction is a priority. It’s what builds lasting loyalty with your newly found audience.

June 10 2018


How to Start a Small Business with Almost No Money

Starting a business is an exciting opportunity. You may have an idea of launching and growing your own enterprise. With great fascinating ideas and the willingness to take risks, nothing should hold you back. Having confidence and a clear vision of how you are going to execute is all you need.

However, there is one big challenge stopping small entrepreneurs from accomplishing their dreams. Lack of enough capital should not be a hindrance from pursuing your dreams. Some people have gone to the extent of refinancing a home to finance a business. Here are tips on how to start a small business with almost no money.

Work from Home

Office space is expensive unless you need to meet your customers in an office set up, do not open an office. You can work from home to cut on the expenses such as rent, licenses, and permits. If you are rendering services, you can make your consultant services from anywhere. Start a service-oriented business . This is where you make supplies or offer services to clients then you collect funds later. Hold on from opening an office space unless you absolutely have to.

Do not hire

This means that you do all the work yourself. It is tough to do all work yourself, but you do not have to make a budget for your salary expenses. Having a full-time employee increases your overhead costs. If you must hire the services of an expert, then look for a part-timer or a freelancer. This will help minimize the costs of maintaining a staff. This will help you build a cash reserve and save.

Keep Your Present Job

Keep Your Present Job

It is highly recommended that you keep your current job if you have one. Those supporting their families may need a stable source of income to sustain them. There are many uncertainties in the business field. Especially for the new startups , you are not assured of a regular source of income. When your new business begins to pick, you can gradually turn to manage your own business full time. Balancing your full-time job with your side business is good.

Outsource Capital

Outsource Capital

You can raise capital from outside sources. In case you are having trouble accessing funds, there are some creative things you can do such as:

  • Borrowing from family and friends on a short-term basis.
  • Crowdfunding where a great idea can attract funding.
  • Government grants and loans

Venue capitalists where partnerships or organizations tend to scout business already in existence

Bank loans where you open a line of credit with the bank then they check your credit score to fund you. A personal loan can also be granted according to your merits.

Analyze your Market and Challenge

Analyze your Market and Challenge

When you are starting a business, you need a significant commitment of your resources, money, and time. Your idea should be right, competitive and placed in the right place. Your aim should be minimizing costs as you maximize the profits. Ensure that you research on the market segment thoroughly. The type of business you set up should be workable and sustainable. Also, identify different challenges that you may experience in the market and analyze them.

Sell Your Services

Selling your services is one of the ways to start a business with little capital. Selling of physical products is more challenging as you will need inventory and storage. It will also minimize wastage. There is a plenty of services you can offer as a startup depending on your interests and capabilities. For example, online tutor, website making, market research, writing contents, and tech support.

Gather Feedback

Customer feedback in the business is crucial; it will either boost the sales or lower them. You may have good products or services but no buyers. This is due to customer feedback. Always sell a product or service that people are comfortable buying. Customer feedback helps you to improve on the existing products or services so that you can offer the best in future. It can also help you to expand your business.

Work on your Business Idea

Work on your Business Idea

Your ideas may be from your passions or experiences, put them in action. The best business is the one started from your interests . Build it on your knowledge and skills. If you hate working out of your comfort zone, then do not attempt such. It will take time and expenses to learn new skills. It gives you more confidence to work on something you already know.

Build your Business around Your Proven Skills

Build your Business around Your Proven Skills

Always aim at keeping the cost of your business startup lowest possible. It is advisable to operate your business around what you know best. Do not seek or rely on the external experts or consultants. Build your business around your talents or personal skills. Have a mastery in your field.

June 09 2018


10 Benefits of Marketing Via Social Media Platforms

Take it or leave it, social media marketing is one of the most effective forms of digital marketing. It offers one of the easiest avenues via which businesses can reach their customers.

Social media has essentially redefined the way businesses relate to customers and with the public at large. Social media marketing can be used to increase a business recognition, sales, and customer base at very little cost.

Majority of marketers and businesses have become aware of the tremendous potential of this marketing avenue and they have subsequently keyed into it.

Currently, social media marketing has become an integral part of any marketing strategy and any major business that is not utilizing this avenue of marketing is definitely missing out on an enormous opportunity.

For any web development company or e-commerce development company that is still on the fence regarding whether to opt for social media marketing or not, below are some of the benefits of marketing your business product and service via social media;

1. Brand awareness:

One of the major benefits of social media marketing for web development company or e-commerce development company is brand awareness.

Social media is rich with millions of potential customers from different background and of different social status. Marketing via these platforms gives your business the opportunity it needs to reach a tremendous number of people.

2. Improves interaction:

Social media was initially built as an avenue for socialization and interaction. When this concept is brought into web development company or e-commerce development company, this would translate into better business-customer interaction or relative.

Social media marketing provides an avenue for businesses to interact with their customers and clients in real time. It provides an avenue for potential customers to ask questions and make inquiries. And for existing customers and clients, it offers a medium through which they can make complaints or suggest changes.

Trust comes from constant interaction. The more web development company or e-commerce development company interact with their customer, the greater the trust between them. Trust is highly integral sales.

3. Increase brand loyalty:

If your product is placed side by side with products from another web development company or e-commerce development company will your customers still stick to what you are offering, or would they quickly change sides?

Brand loyalty describes a scenario where your customers will be willing to stick with you regardless of what the competitor is offering.

Such loyalty doesn’t happen in one day, it takes constant interaction and trust to develop. Social media creates an avenue for the development of such trust and interaction.

4. It helps to build equity:

One of the ways of creating trust with your customers is by building brand equity. You need to provide your brand value to them for free.

This is a trick adopted by top web development companies. This could be by blogging, sharing free guides, entertaining or informing your potential audience.

This is termed content marketing. By giving what you have for them for free, you can catch the attention of prospects.

Social media marketing allows for easy building of equity as it is fairly easy to share content over these platforms and thereby building trust.

5. It helps to humanize a brand:

Currently, what a customer buys are almost as equally important as where he/she bought it from. Social media marketing allows top web development companies to humanize their brand, taking away the perception of a faceless establishment that is only ready to take people’s money away.

Social media marketing helps to humanize a brand, creating a persona that customers can relate to.

The first step towards this process is creating a brand voice, which must be consistent across all platforms, and must be a reflection of the picture you wish to paint your business.

6. Improves the chances of a conversion:

Every content you share on your social media platform is an opportunity for conversion. Of course, not all content will create an interaction, and not all positive interaction will lead to a conversion, but it increases the chances.

Social media marketing allows top web development companies to build a brand following, which typically consists of existing customers and potential customers. Every content shared offers a chance for reaction, and a reaction could lead to a site visit which could lead to a sale.

7. Stay top of mind of customers:

The internet is very noisy with the average customer been bombarded with a plethora of ads and marketing messages.

With this constant bombardment, it is fairly easy for customers to get distracted and forget your brand. Social media marketing is on 24/7, thereby creating an avenue for web development company or e-commerce development company to stay top of the minds of their customers, even when they are not ready to buy at that moment.

8. Improves brand authority:

Social media marketing helps to improve brand authority. The more a business relates to its customers the more visible it becomes to other potential customers.

Typically, when people wish to know more about a brand or business, they turn to social media. The more the business is available on social media, the more likely other customers will follow the brand.

9. Improves inbound traffic:

When you take out the traffic that comes via social media, what you are left with is traffic from people familiar with your brand or those who search for keywords that you rank high for.

Every social media channel you include to your brand is an additional opportunity for customers to reach you, and any additional content improves traffic to your site which would improve conversion rate.

June 08 2018


Guess What will be the JavaScript’s Framework Trends in 2018

There is no doubt that JavaScript is changing quickly from last few months. 2017 has given a lot of JavaScript frameworks to the developers with changes, initiatives, and innovations.

All these frameworks are running behind each other in order to become the best framework.

JavaScript frameworks are one of the hottest and desired platforms that are used by developers for web development.

JavaScript is the most popular programming language undoubtedly, and in 2018 we will be seeing the JavaScript frameworks that will not only increase the productivity levels but will also help in creating scalable and robust mobile and web solutions.

It is worth to have a look at all these names that are emerging from last few months or years and will be flourishing in 2018 as well. Learning these new innovations can help you to get your foot in the door of progress. Let’s have a look-

  • Angular JS – This go-to -ready JavaScript Framework is backed by Google and is used all over the world. It is one of the popular JavaScript frameworks that are used for developing single page web apps. If you want to create something dynamic, rich, interactive and fast then, Angular JS is recommended for that. It allows the transfer of the entire content of the website from the server to the browsers within a fraction of seconds. One can create mobile as well as desktop applications using Angular JS.
  • NodeJS – This popular name is a server-side JS platform which is fast and responsive to all frameworks. Many companies have taken the most out of this framework including PayPal and GoDaddy. So, if you are looking forward to some data streaming applications or single page apps, then end your search at this framework. Yes! You can couple it with Express.js as well.
  • React JS – This Framework is developed by FB and was released in 2013. The main reason behind its popularity is that it allows the developers to create high performing applications. Today react JS has become the fastest growing JS framework and it can be rendered on the server with the help of node JS framework. If you are looking forward to something awesome for your SEO, then look no further than react JS to create UI apps. There is strong demand for reactJS in the industry and people are preferring it over any other JavaScript framework.
  • Ember JS – This open source JS framework is helping the developers in creating large as well as small-scale web applications by generating a lot of code to use and to ignore as well. If you need faster development, complete freedom and of course flexibility then, go for this framework for creating remarkable web apps.
  • Meteor JS – this name bag 4th position in the list of Java frameworks Trends of 2018. JavaScript has given birth to one of the amazing ideas that helps the frontend developers to work easily on the backend using meteor JS. With the help of meteor, we need not switching the context between Python or PHP, Ruby or java etc. All in all, if you want to build real-time apps then meteor is perfect for you.
  • Next JS – These framework offers easy deploying of the app. developers are combining it with ReactJS to derive Reacts functionality and next JS’s experience for splitting, routing or tooling. This Framework makes JavaScript work universally on mobile devices, servers and computers with minimal code .therefore you will see this framework flourishing and creating powerful Universal apps in 2018.
  • Reason – another Framework used by FB in order to power the Messenger App. This programming language helps the developers to type-safe codes that can work nicely with JavaScript. It also includes reason react in which reason code is written and compiled to react. This is definitely one of the emerging trends in 2018.

All the aforementioned frameworks are quite popular and are expected to gain more popularity in 2018 due to their benefits and functionality. All these frameworks have different advantages as per their context they are deployed.

These JavaScript Frameworks will solve different purposes and are known for doing the best job in the market. Therefore, keep trying and keep coding you will yourself see the difference between these frameworks.

June 07 2018


The 5 Most Effective Ways to Market Your Business

Some newcomers in business do not know about ways to promote their companies.

These methods have to be really cheap, as budgets for a thorough advertising campaign are absent among the majority of amateurs. That’s why we have gathered these five simple, not expensive but very effective ways how to promote business online.

How to Promote a Company with a Blog?

In order to conduct a blog, you need to improve your writing skills or hire professionals to create one for you. We prefer an experienced company, where qualified people write custom essay for me, as it is cheap, trustworthy and reliable. If you are able to spare a profound sum, it is useful to create a separate site devoted to advertising your services and goods. If not, there are a lot of free sites that allow writing a blog: BlogSpot, WordPress, Tumblr, etc.

There you can not only write a blog but supply the articles with videos and pictures. You can use social networks or Live Journal for these purposes, but the resources we have mentioned above are better for advertising and promotion. You will not be able to promote your business until you make your blog popular.

Even the most popular and beautiful pictures will not make any effect if they are seen by few people. To attract people to your blog, mind some vital rules of online advertising:

  • Know what SEO is. Writing texts according to SEO rules and usage of keywords lets you move your site to the top-10 or top-20. If a reader notices your blog at the beginning of the search results table, your site will be visited by many people
  • Place only unique posts. Re-posting and plagiarism will only lower the blog’s ranking
  • Consider the titles, subtitles, and descriptions of the articles. These are parts that can serve as advertising, at least in social networks
  • Learn the most popular search inquiries made by users. Apply them to your texts
  • Illustrate the materials with motivating pictures or videos

How to Promote a Business with Videos?

This method cannot be called absolutely free, but it is not as expensive as you may think. There is no need to buy a luxury video camera or rent a professional studio. An amateur video camera or a digital camera will be enough. Now even a phone can shoot pretty short videos. You can master the basics of video editing by yourself.

YouTube is a place where you can send the marketing videos. You can buy a separate channel on this website for almost nothing. If you do not wish to spend extra money, post videos for free as a registered user. As you can understand, to make your video popular, you need to show some creativity and improve your marketing techniques.

You need to make a video that will be shared by youngsters, workmates in offices and relatives with the words ‘Check out that cool video on YouTube!’

If you just sit in front of a camera wearing a white shirt and start telling how tasty are the pancakes baked in your café with an expressionless voice, you will be watched only by a couple of friends. When someone finds such video, he will never visit the café owned by such a bore.

How to Advertise Your Business with Photos?

This method is absolutely free and can be a blockbuster for your business. You can use social networks for improving your chances. Registration will not take more than five minutes of your time and not even a penny from your purse. Do not limit yourself to social networks. Register on other resources, like stock photo services: Pinterest or Flickr.

If you are going to make interesting titles for photos, you will like a service called Exposure. Photos must frequently be posted: every day or two days. You risk losing your customers’ attention if you do it rarely. Pictures should be positive, causing a positive emotion: happiness, surprise, rapture, etc.

This positive emotion will be associated with the good or service you are going to promote. You can shoot everything: a good, the process of its making, sales devoted to it, etc.

Usage of Business Cards

Every self-respecting businessman should have a lot of business cards for not introducing like: ‘I am John Doe. Now I will write my number on this lousy piece of paper.’, but giving a beautiful business card. Amateur businessmen need to have as many of them as possible and give them to almost everyone. This is a simple but vital step of creating a marketing strategy.

A good business card should be:

  • Printed on a good paper
  • Contain an interesting design approach
  • Printed without mistakes

The best way is making an order in a professional publishing establishment. If you cannot afford this, you will need to learn some graphical design or find some ideas on the Internet. You can print them by yourself as well. For this, a good printer and some good paper are required.

June 06 2018


How Can Technology Make Your Studying Easier?

Technological advancement is revolutionizing how students and teachers communicate and very soon, physical libraries will become obsolete in the school system.

Learning institutions should not discourage the use of technology in education. Actually, educators must be persuaded that technology and education is one of the greatest learning empowerments. This is the only way to capture the potential of innovation in the schooling systems.

Today, there are numerous ways how students are using technology in the classroom. Computers and mobile devices make learning easier, accessible, and fun too.

With digital libraries and online search engines, students can access publications, eBooks, articles, and journals from wherever they are. When students locate specific information quickly and accurately, it means they can learn faster.

They also get to share scanned documents with other students across the board thereby exchanging ideas. Behold the benefits of technology in education.

A wide range of information sources

The World Wide Web presents an incredible amount of learning resources. As long as you know how to spot the right sources, you have a lot to gain. Nonetheless, beware of misleading information and claims. The idea is to retrieve correct Information from credible sources like Google Scholar.

If you want to know if a certain source is reliable or not, check whether it highlights empirical evidence or statistical data. Some of the best sources end with .gov and .org in their domain names.

Forget about civilian blogs or social media sites. What you need is an educational site as opposed to a web page aimed at driving online traffic. As long as you use sources with credible evidence and references, you can always count on the internet to complete your assignments.

Collaborative learning techniques

Today, you can acquire new learning skills that were unheard of a few decades ago. For instance, you would understand better self-branding, networking, and effective communication thanks to the internet.

Social media sites are some of the best ways to connect with your classmates and family and in the process, you learn to collaborate and ask the right questions.

You can also polish on collaboration techniques through professional sites such as LinkedIn where career people and students research on particular subjects. Moreover, emails help you to cooperate with your professors conveniently. You no longer need to send letters or making unnecessary phone calls.

Connecting faster with other people

Through iMessage, Google Chat, Skype, and WhatsApp, you can connect with a fellow student so easily. If you have a discussion group, you don’t need to meet physically because video conferencing can help with a fantastic joint effort. This means you can share ideas with students outside your school or even abroad. With translation tools readily available on the web, you can access learning materials in other language and translate the text.

Take advantage of social networking sites to market yourself. Make sure you have the right information about you in various sites. Keep in mind the impacts of sharing or over-sharing information on the internet.

Even though you are not connected in real life with friends in your social media, branding yourself will help you a great deal when you leave college and start job hunting.

Social networking is one of the hottest agendas today, a subject that never existed sometimes back. Wouldn’t it be an interesting topic to do on your next research project? Don’t forget to use the free Eduzaurus plagiarism checker for all your school assignments.

Mobile learning

Almost every student is using mobile devices for their studies. Educational programs and career development opportunities depend to a great extent on exam results.

However, students face a lot of obstacles when trying to study effectively to pass their exams. Thankfully, mobile learning can help them overcome some of these hurdles. Poor studying habits can prevent you from achieving your full education potential. You might be intellectually gifted but some habits or external factors can make you fail an exam.

Luckily, mobile learning can help you to foster your learning at any age. The impact of technology on education makes things easier when it comes to effective studying. There are a lot of mobile apps that can help you get ready for exams.

If books are not your thing, mobile devices can be more efficient and you will find yourself spending more time learning online. You can’t deny that there is a genuine enthusiasm when it comes to using mobile phones to learn stuff.

This means that technology empowers you if you don’t like traditional studying methods like group discussions and reading textbooks. This is how mobile devices inculcate better studying habits.


The best way to learn is to get immersed in the study material. Textbooks may not allow for immersion since they are cumbersome to carry around and inaccessible sometimes.

But mobile learning provides you with learning materials on a 24-hour basis. You can choose any medium you like. For instance, you can take quizzes or use the study guide when you are feeling motivated.

When bored, you can resort to passive study methods like watching tutorial videos or podcast. As such mobile devices help you to incorporate learning into your day-to-day life. Eventually, become a master of a subject thereby improving your chances of success.


You might not be in a position to study full time. But learning apps can help you take breaks and resume your studies later. Modern learning requires a lot of flexibility due to the rising number of responsibilities in the modern society. So, you get to study at your own time when done with family commitments and work schedules.


Part-time studies have become the new norm. You can work and study at the same time. Due to other commitments, you might not be able to settle in the library or home for a studying session. But you could read while commuting or whenever you have an office break. Thankfully, mobile phones are incredibly portable that you can use them while on the go. It also means that you can access information wherever you are.

How to avoid destructions when studying with technology

Now that you’ve learned the positive impact of technology on education, there is one more thing you need to know. In as much as e-learning makes studies more enjoyable and easier, it also comes with distractions you must avoid. So, how can you learn effectively and escape the entertainment and distractions that come with mobile devices? You should train yourself to use the internet for educational purposes. Also, know what to avoid when using the World Wide Web if you want to be a successful student. Here are a few takeaways.

Use study aid software

There is a wrong notion that mobile apps are hindrances to the educational success of college students. As a matter of fact, there are apps which can be your best study buddies if you know how to utilize them properly.

You should take advantage of such software as Evernote, Quizlet, Sparknotes, and Khan Academy to glean on various concepts.

These apps provide inspirations for your class assignments, something you cannot get from the traditional learning set up.

Mobile apps help you to organize your materials. One of the most highly recommended study guides is the SpeedyPrep. It comes in handy as the exam nears.

Stay away from social media

A recent study indicates that most students use Facebook while in class. While you cannot give up completely on Facebook (we understand you need to connect with your friends), you can limit the number of times you log in.

If you are not careful, social sites can be your next addiction. It starts with just checking new updates during class breaks. And before you know it, you are already posting a selfie while in the library.

June 05 2018


6 Best AI Tools and Robots for Workplace Automation

Self-driven cars were invented to avoid the accidents that happen due to human error – and 93% car accidents fall into this category. Over 1 million people die worldwide due to car accidents.

It means that if we could eliminate human errors, we could save more than 930 thousand of these people.

Google’s self-driving car Google’s self-driving car (Source: Flickr)

Self-driving cars can use the GPS system to decide the best path to take depending on the traffic conditions on different routes. They also use cameras and a battery of sensors to recognize the dynamic road conditions like crossing pedestrians and road construction and take decisions accordingly. It is expected that soon the cars will be able to interact with each other and share data related to destinations and acceleration speeds – allowing them to navigate smoothly and avoid accidents.

Similarly, in a workplace, Artificial Intelligence tools and Robots solve a lot of problems that occur due to human errors or inefficiency. Here are the six best AI tools and robots that can be used for workplace automation:

Software Bots

Did you know that the most common use of Artificial Intelligence was the automation of physical and digital tasks? According to an article published in Harvard Business Review, Tom Davenport and Rajeev Ronanki studied 152 projects to reach that conclusion.

Like humans, software bots (or codes on servers) called Robotic Process Automation (RPA) Technologies consume information from different IT systems and use them as inputs as and when required.

They can do many low-skill tasks like:

  • transferring data from emails and call center systems to update customer files (to change addresses or add services),
  • handling customer communications and replacing their lost ATM or credit cards (and updating records),
  • extracting information from multiple documents and billing systems to identify issues which lead to failures in charging for the services, and
  • reading legal documents and contracts, and extracting the relevant provisions.


RPA is said to be the least expensive cognitive technology in the workplace. It is easy to implement and brings a high return on investment. They are more affordable, eliminate human errors, do not get tired, and reduce your need to maintain employee records.

Customer Self-Service Solutions

Amazon Go is a grocery store in Seattle, Washington that does not have a cashier or a checkout station. You can just go and pick up an item off the shelf, and it gets added to your virtual cart. When you return the item to the shelf, it gets removed from your virtual cart. You can link your spouse and children to your account to, which means that anything they pick up will be added to your bill too.

This innovative technology uses geofencing, deep learning algorithms, sensor fusion, and computer vision to enhance the customer experience and automate the supply chain and inventory management.

Interactive digital signage and self-checkout systems can automate the customer-handling processes in different industries. Some of the leading examples are:

  • Bill payment kiosks where customers can go to a particular location and pay one or more bills through cash, debit or credit card, check or NFC.
  • Retail kiosks where customers use AI-assisted kiosks to order products, pay bills, use loyalty cards or credit cards, and apply for jobs and take standardized tests.


Storebots, which fully automate the sales experience in a retail store, are also becoming increasingly popular.

Amazon GO Amazon Go is one of the best examples of the customer self-service solution. (Source: Amazon)


Industrial Robots

Robots are widely used in verticals that involve heavy industrial-scale workloads, such as construction, agriculture, and manufacturing. The Internet of Things (IoT) has imparted these robots ‘intelligence’ to learn and operate autonomously – even in semi- and unstructured environments.

This kind of workplace automation involves advanced electronics, data analytics, and high-end software and algorithms.

Collaborative Robots (Cobots) that can safely work alongside humans are innovative tools that can be picked up by any management student as their essay or dissertation topic. Management assignment help experts can help students and consultants to highlight how cobots and industrial robots are excellent tools for workplace automation.

Robots that Save Lives

In 2011, Krista Jones was diagnosed with a rare form of cancer and was headed for a double mastectomy. It was an alternative treatment plan that used big data and algorithms that healed her completely.


Video Source: CBC

Dr. Peter Kim and his team have created an autonomous surgical robot called ‘STAR (Smart Tissue Autonomous Robot),’ which can do some medical tasks better than human surgeons. CloudDX, developed by Toronto, is an AI-driven health startup that is building algorithms to check patients’ vital signs and gather other crucial data.

Automating tasks that are susceptible to human errors in the healthcare industry can minimize the rate of medical complications to a great extent.

Digital Assistants

Apple’s Siri, Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa, Microsoft Cortana, and IBM Watson are excellent virtual assistants that can handle online chats and voice calling easily. Samsung Bixby can take and upload images too. These digital assistants use speech recognition, natural language processing, machine learning, and statistical analysis tools to interpret and process questions and commands, and present data, options, or other business objects accordingly.

Businesses are increasingly using digital assistants that can quickly provide answers to random questions from the clients as well as the workplace-related questions. For example, SAP CoPilot is a smartphone app that works as a virtual assistant in the enterprise settings.

Content Developer Robots

Almost all the businesses are now using social media to reach out to new clients, and convert their existing customers into a loyal customer base. Hence, a software company called Acculation has come up with AI tools and algorithms to use data-driven processes to make the best social media content decisions.

These tools can create the best content for the businesses by repurposing the most popular social media posts of a company into cool videos, 3D printed objects and other virtual items.

June 01 2018


How Car Geeks Can Set a Routine Maintenance Schedule That Works

From the legacy of classic James Dean films to the allure of Route 66, there is nothing more American than cars and the open road. People love their cars. And if they treat them right, their cars will love them back.

There are so many simple maintenance tips that can lead to both a smoother ride and a longer life for your car. Not only is it often much easier than you think, but these small, ongoing investments in time and money can pay off big in the long run.

To do it right, all you need is a bit of insight. The following tips include both the types of maintenance to do and a rough maintenance schedule for when each task should be carried out.

Changing the Oil

Regularly changing a vehicle’s oil is essential. It can make a major impact on not just how a car runs, but also on how long it lasts. As they say — and quite literally in this case — your mileage may vary. Most experts agree that the old adage of changing your oil every 3,000 miles is a bit too conservative on modern, efficient engines.

But you should shoot for no more than 5,000 miles between oil changes on most makes and models, with a maximum limit of around 7,000 miles. Consult your automotive manual to determine the optimum schedule for your actual vehicle — and stick to it. Your car will thank you for it.

Checking Tire Treads

Most people know they need to change their tires regularly, but fewer understand when to make a switch. It’s actually very simple — that is, if you know how to measure tread depth. Most new tires have a tread of 10/32nds of an inch. Of course, treads wear down over time and, generally, the tire will remain safe to drive until the tread gets down to 2/32nds of an inch. At this point, the tire is considered bald and needs to be replaced, according to laws in most states.

But since it’s better to be safe than sorry, you may want to start planning to make the change when your tires hit 4/32nds of an inch, at which point they are worn and make it so a car takes significantly longer to stop on wet roads. Every two months (or before any long car trip), a great way to make sure you are staying up to date is with the “quarter test.”

If you insert a quarter into the treads — and they no longer cover any of George Washington’s head (when inserted with the president standing on his head) — you know you’re below 4/32nds of an inch and that it’s time to change your tires.

Get a Tune-Up

As with most aspects of car maintenance, the time to wait between engine tune-ups can vary greatly. Normally, newer cars can go a lot longer, perhaps up to 100,000 miles. Older vehicles, especially those without electric engines, typically should get a tune-up once a year. (Be sure to consult your owner’s manual.)

While owners of modern vehicles may think tune-ups are a bit antiquated, they should still be an important part of your maintenance schedule. Common ways to know when it’s time is if your ride has trouble starting, runs more roughly than normal while idling, stalls frequently, or if the check engine icon lights up. Each of these could mean a tune-up is in order — or signify a more serious problem. As always, be vigilant and never ignore warning signs.

Keys to Maintenance

Much like humans need exercise, cars need maintenance. And in both cases, consistency is key. You can’t get in great shape after only putting in a month of hard work, and a single trip to the garage once every two years won’t keep your car running in tip-top condition, either.

May 31 2018


Why Ransomware is Popular and what can you Do to Prevent it?

In today’s world, cybersecurity has become a major concern for individuals and corporations alike. Our PCs, smartphones and other handheld devices, IoT products, and our smart homes are all vulnerable to a plethora of attacks. Last year alone, there were a ton of security attacks made against PCs and mobile devices.

What was one of the most major security threats? Ransomware. This is a type of malicious software or malware, which is aimed at taking computer files, and sometimes even the entire PC, hostage.

The files are either encrypted so people cannot open them or users are completely locked out of their PCs to prevent them from accessing important photos, videos, and other important files.

Once this is done, the malicious attackers who sent the malware in the first place will get in touch with the person or corporation and demand a ransom. They promise to decrypt the files after the demand has been fulfilled.

Ransomware is most certainly not a new cybersecurity threat. This first known ransomware attack was carried out in 1989 and floppy disks were used for spreading it between computers.

It has surged in popularity because today’s world has become fully-connected, which means that open-source ransomware software can be easily accessed. Furthermore, the strong potential of financial benefits associated with ransomware has also made it popular amongst cyber-criminals.

Almost all forms of malware are referred to as viruses, but the truth is that a virus is only a specific type of malware. There are other kinds as well such as Trojan horses, worms, ransomware and spyware and the purpose of each malware is different.

For instance, worms bog down a PC’s performance by replicating, viruses are aimed at infecting your computer, damaging your files and spreading to new hosts and Trojan horses are looking to find a secret backdoor to your PC so they can access your personal information.

There are a ton of reasons why cyber-criminals create and distribute these various types of malware.

In the case of ransomware, the purpose is quite straightforward; cyber-criminals usually want money.

Generally speaking, their aim is not to destroy or damage your files permanently and they are not interested in stealing your personal identity either. They just want to convince you to pay them for decrypting your information.

The highest profile ransomware attack was conducted last year called WannaCry that affected hospitals, major corporations, government agencies, and airports.

While PCs remain the most popular target for carrying out ransomware attacks, hackers can also use your mobile devices and others for exploiting and taking advantage. There are several types of ransomware that can be used, which are:

Crypto-malware: This is the most common type of ransomware that’s used by cyber-criminals and it is used for encrypting files. Computer access is possible, but files cannot be opened.

Locker: As the name indicates, this kind of ransomware is designed to completely lock users out of their PCs, which means that they cannot even log in. The master file table of the hard drive is used for locking up the computer.

Doxware: A copy of any sensitive files is downloaded onto the PC of the hacker with Doxware and they threaten to publish the files until a ransom is paid.

Scareware: This is a fake software program claiming to have unearthed issues on your PC and demands money for fixing them. It may lock-up the PC or inundate the screen with alerts and pop-up messages until payment is made.

How to Prevent a Ransomware Attack

The ideal way of dealing with a ransomware attack is by preventing it from happening in the first place. How can this be done? You can take the following tips:

Make sure your apps and operating system are updated

Sure, the constant notices you get from Microsoft about Windows updates can be very annoying, but they should not be ignored. Likewise, the updates on your smartphone as well as your other IoT devices should also be installed immediately.

This is because a number of system updates comprise of security patches and these are critical for keeping your devices safe and protected.

Moreover, you should know that if your PC is still using an older operating system that’s no longer supported by Microsoft such as Windows XP, then you are even more vulnerable to ransomware attacks.

Therefore, you should definitely make it a priority to upgrade to the latest operating system. You should also make it a priority to update your computer software, especially your plug-ins and web browsers.

Create a backup of your files

It is also recommended that you perform regular backups of your system to an external device such as a NAS drive, a USB hard drive or even cloud storage for data loss prevention.

If you don’t want to back up your entire system, you can at least create a backup of your most important and crucial files so that they are safe from issues such as hard-drive failure, malware, and ransomware attacks.

Nowadays, storage options have become quite accessible and cheap and there is also a huge variety to choose from in the NAS and USB categories. You also have a wide array of cloud-based storage options at your disposal such as Google Drive, Dropbox, OneDrive and MEGA.

Install antivirus software and keep it updated

There are different kinds of antivirus software available in the market nowadays and they offer you varying levels of protection to keep you safe from malware and ransomware.

As the needs of individuals and businesses tend to vary, there are separate programs offered for the two and they come with a multitude of features.

Moreover, you can find them at various price levels as they are designed to suit different budgets and you can opt for the one you feel most comfortable with.

However, you should ensure that it offers you the most comprehensive protection possible. Also, antivirus software makers usually update their programs regularly for maintaining their effectiveness and you should install the necessary updates to avoid any problems.

Be on the lookout for manipulative social-engineering techniques

While this has been repeated several times when it comes to staying protected, it needs to be said again; you should never click or open links and files that are received from unknown sources.

If you receive an email that comes with a questionable attachment, the simplest solution is to just delete it without opening it at all. If the sender is someone known to you, it is recommended that you reach out to them to verify if they have sent you an attachment via email.

Only then should you open the email because it is possible that their device may have been compromised and now being used to exploit others.

May 27 2018


6 Reasons Why Analytical AI Can Supercharge Your Video Marketing Strategy

As we slowly uncover all that artificial intelligence has to offer across different industries, the various ways in which AI can boost digital marketing efforts becomes more and more apparent.

According to a recent report by Salesforce, 57% of marketing experts stated that it was essential to incorporate AI in marketing for a more personalized customer experience.

So how exactly does artificial intelligence help marketers understand their customers? In a nutshell, the data that is generated when a user browses the internet is gathered for AI analysis. This data reveals valuable information about the user’s interests and behaviors.

Using this, brands and businesses can optimize their online marketing content to make it more relevant for their target audience.

Through the data that AI provides, marketers can deliver a more tailored and targeted digital marketing campaign, which can ultimately result in a much higher ROI for the business.

AI is being used by a growing number of top brands to inform many digital marketing channels, such as PPC, chatbots, email marketing, and online ads.

Video marketing, in particular, can be massively boosted by artificial intelligence. With online video consumption on the rise, read on to find out 6 reasons why AI can effectively amp up your video marketing strategy:

#1. Customer insights and data can be gathered prior to developing a video marketing strategy

Now more than ever, brands have access to a wealth of data about their target audience’s interests and online habits. And it’s all because of artificial intelligence tools and algorithms. AI analytics save brands hours of customer research time.

Valuable customer data can be gathered by a brand using simple AI tools to produce content that is relevant and insight-led.

It is extremely useful in helping brands understand their customers wants and needs, and allows businesses to shape a video marketing strategy that truly resonates with their audience.

#2. Video ads can be personalized using artificial intelligence

AI can be leveraged to take video content customization to another level. By using AI analytics, brands can develop video ad content which is completely tailored for their own audiences.

This level of personalization is an extremely valuable benefit of incorporating AI in marketing and will undoubtedly boost the effectiveness of a brand’s video marketing strategy.

Users are much more likely to engage with video ads that have been served to them based on their search activity, online purchasing behavior, and shared interests on customer social profiles. This level of video marketing customization is only possible due to AI algorithms.

#3. AI technology enables testing to inform video marketing strategy

Before launching a video marketing campaign, marketers can test their strategy and content by running a few different video creatives and video AD messaging at once.

AI analytics will clearly show which creative or messaging delivers the highest engagement on which platform.

For the actual campaign, content can then be delivered according to the data gathered in these initial results. Any tweaks on messaging and creative are possible prior to a more extensive roll out.

The ability to ‘test and learn’ multiple versions before launch results in a more effective video marketing strategy which is based on concrete data.

It is especially valuable for brands with more limited budgets, as they can focus their budget in the right direction and on producing video content that customers actually want to engage with.

#4. AI can be used to create engaging social video content

With more than 100 million hours of video being watched on Facebook on an average day, the demand for engaging video content on social continues to grow.

Brands can use AI analytics to develop their own video content and then closely monitor it once live for effectiveness. The data gathered through AI can be used to optimize future content.

Artificial intelligence analytics also show which periods the ads are most effective, so the entire delivery schedule can be laid out to maximize engagement.

#5. Artificial intelligence enables real-time updates to video ads

By making good use of the AI analytics available to them, marketers can tweak their video ads to make real-time changes and keep their content current.

The content of video ads can also be filtered to make it more relevant for the user. For instance, if a user has been searching online for a specific product based on certain features, the ad content can be delivered with a focus on those features, all thanks to AI algorithms.

This means the ad is more likely to capture the attention of that user.

#6. AI tools allow smaller brands and businesses to create video content that stands out (for their audience)

Cisco has reported that by 2021, 82% of online traffic will be video traffic. With so much video content to compete with, Artificial intelligence can help smaller brands with smaller budgets ensure their video marketing reaches the right audience and doesn’t get lost in the crowd.

The more a brand learns about their target audience and where they spend their time online, the simpler it is for them to make efficient use of their budget.

AI is specifically useful for niche brands as they can develop a completely targeted video marketing strategy for their target market.

May 26 2018


Start Your Own Business: A Few Tips on How to Succeed

Many people dream of having their own business. Maybe you have a great idea for a new product, maybe you think you can improve the world and help people, or maybe you just want to be your own boss.

No matter your motivation, here are some tips for starting a business and succeeding.

Detailed plan

The first thing that you have to do when you decide to start your own company is to make a business plan. This plan needs to include your mission statement and the vision you have for the future. Think about your target audience and set deadlines for yourself. Devise your budget and figure out whether you need additional funding. An in-depth analysis is quite important for making progress, but you also have to be flexible. Your goals and budget might have to be adjusted after some time, maybe even every month. You have to be prepared to pivot if the need arises.

Legal aspects

When it comes to the legal aspects of running a business, it’s best to consult with professionals. They will tell you if and how you need to register your business. There are many different business structures and you need to decide on the one that suits you best. Perhaps, it’s best to start as a limited liability company (LLC), as none of your personal assets will be affected in case something goes wrong. Additionally, do not forget about the taxes. It’s best to find a reliable accountant to help you with this if you think you are not up to the task. Last but not least, see what types of insurance there are and decide which are necessary for your company, seeing as how the laws and regulations might differ in the US and Australia, for instance.


The people you surround yourself with are crucial to your operations. If you know someone who has experience in your field of work and is willing to help you, don’t let anything hold you back from asking. They can give you some meaningful advice and tell you which traps to avoid.


Depending on the type and size of your business, you need to decide how many employees you will have. It’s pivotal that you find trustworthy people that share your vision and are willing to learn and improve. Identifying the right individuals might be hard, but there are always some tips you can use. You can even do a background check if you need to trust them completely.


Another aspect of a business that involves good interpersonal skills is networking. You should attend all kinds of seminars that are related to your field of work. There, you can find many similar people who are in the same business; some of them might even become your partner, mentor or employee. Spread your business cards around and let people give you theirs.

Unique name and logo

When it comes to branding, you need a name that people will easily remember and recognize. Make sure that nobody else has the legal rights to use the name and trademark it. A catchy name is a great way for people to become interested in what you offer. Moreover, it’s much easier for them to look you up online.

In addition, when designing your logo, make sure to make it memorable. Employ a professional graphic designer to make sure your final product looks amazing. You should decide on a couple of colors and stick to them. That way, people will start recognizing your brand. Moreover, the color of your website and some parts of your offices should follow the theme as well.

Research your competition

Keeping up with your competition is a great way to stay in touch with the market and, maybe even, get ahead of the pack. You can check their customers’ reviews, stay up – to – date with their social media and their marketing campaigns. If you find a gap in the market that no one else is able to fill, maybe you are the right person to do it.

Get to know your customers

Following the previous section, getting to know your customers is fundamental. Your target audience has specific needs, and you should try to be the one to provide them with those. Identify your demographics and see what attracts them the most.


The marketing strategy you approach your target audience with is crucial to getting them on your side. It is said that a person should hear about your brand at least seven times before they become a customer. This can be achieved through many different means, such as promotional caps, hats, and USBs. Another way is to put up billboards or print your logo on mesh fencing in Australia to be seen by people who are stuck in traffic, people driving home from work, etc.

You can also have a digital marketing strategy. This should include ads on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or whichever platform is the most common among your target audience. You can run a blog and provide them with useful and original content as well. Moreover, try to incorporate SEO into your marketing strategy.

Customer service

You need to be available 24/7 to your customers because, depending on your business, people could be calling you from Sydney, New York or Berlin. You should dedicate a part of your budget to this and have some of your employees trained to provide the best possible service. The people answering the phones and emails need to be polite, friendly and helpful. You can also think about outsourcing this task.

Furthermore, make yourself approachable on social media. This gives you an effective means of communication, but you need to be active. Reply to tweets and comments, even negative ones. The way you approach this will show your clients that you are responsible and willing to work on improving your product/service. Plus, it makes your audience feel appreciated and taken care of.

May 25 2018


10 Key Signs of a Successful Business Plan

Every entrepreneur is familiar with the rule that successful business requires a thoroughly elaborated set-up. Creating tactics can take time without number – starting with months and continuing to years. But who wishes to spend most of their working hours’ conceiving, counting, and scheduling?

Sure, hardly anyone would volunteer for that. To fasten this time-consuming process, bear in mind important signs that denominate a successful business plan. It is considerably smarter to start with primary knowledge than make a load of corrections, right?

Take care of the organized structure

The regiment is a clue to everything and commercial world is certainly not an exception to this rule. So, when starting a business, consider beginning with a settled structure even in the preparation of tactics. Why can it be profitable? If you are looking for a sponsor, your business plan is the main advocacy in your favor. That is why structure is important in a deal-making. Of course, there are no definite criteria in the fixing up your ideas, though you might want to follow the most favorable way.

Your winning structure will consist of following parts:

  • a short outline
  • description of your project
  • data about current marketing state in your sphere
  • a thorough guide to the development
  • what would you need to do to make the project work?
  • at last, your budget

Looks like a great deal of work, but if you have a list of instructions on hand, you will avoid many mistakes. Don’t forget about the introduction as well, because it is the first thing that sponsor will look for.

Explain your project in detail

There is no need for broad explanation that description of the business plan is the essential part of its generation. Your sponsor prefers to see what they have to deal with and what business opportunities does this projection have. That is why you need to compose the profound depiction.

A particularized exposition of your case is not only beneficial for your business plan but also provides you with a better understanding of what you are doing. Try to answer some questions before writing it.

  • What do you sell?
  • How long-term is your layout?
  • What difficulties can you face?
  • What are your financial needs?
  • What result do you desire to get?
  • How would you introduce your innovation to the market?
  • What are the signature development practices you will try?

Answers to these questions will provide you with enough information to make up an informative and resourceful indenture.

Watch your grammar

If you think that grammar is not important in writing a business plan, then, well, you are wrong. Who will choose to give money to the person that is unable to present their thoughts properly? To avoid concerns about your abilities in this sphere, try using some coursework helper.

Specialize your thoughts

Writing a circumstantial business plan doesn`t equal to writing a book, so be sure to dismiss unnecessary components. Your potential sponsor would not be happy to find unimportant facts about your strategy and it will only result in him losing attention. What you should do is include business signs that are relevant to your invention and point to steps that will lead you to the achievement of high goals.

Learn from samples

Today you can find an array of stuff on the Internet, including schemes from already advanced undertakers. Of course, nobody will share with you some secret and innovative methods they utilized, though you will be able to find a basic template to be the core of your plan.

Luckily, there is a huge number of websites with a range of business plan examples.

Know your customer

It is important to show in your grand design who your customer is. Your audience is your main priority in order to make your deal popular, and so you must know how to deserve their loyalty. The accurate representation of the audience will be a big advantage, so try to imagine your perfect customer. Don`t be afraid to mention even the slightest features.

  • How old is your audience?
  • What is it like?
  • Where does it live?
  • What your audience likes and dislikes?
  • How to please it?

There are just the sample inquests above, but it is up to you to choose how to report to your customer.

Make your sketch shorter

We have already mentioned that all the parts of the business plan must be accurate, but also try to make your text readable. For instance, present some facts in the diagrams or infographics. That is not a secret that people perceive visual information better than simple texts full of paragraphs.

Try to present an audience using a diagram with the crucial numbers. Besides, numbers are better perceived than text, so include them to make your plan more presentable. Once more, if you question your ability to assemble good business ideas, you can always ask a consultant for help.

Don’t make promises that you can’t keep

While you know that your design is amazing, and your development will be the best in commerce venture, avoid being too excited in your drafting. Remember that the sponsors will analyze your pattern objectively. They are more concerned about arguments and estimations, so the superlative adjectives you choose might seem amateurish.

Thus, no “unprecedented quality”, “best business services on disposing” and “unbelievable unique design”. Your sponsors will be impressed enough by your decluttered and mindful employment ideas.

Don`t forget about your competitors

Often industrialists think that their commercial firm is unique in sales, but it is not true. Even if your idea is very innovative, there are facilities that engage in something similar, so they are formally your competitors. You shouldn`t dismiss them even if they don`t come near the idea you are attempting to develop.

People that will read your business plan would naturally come up with a demand: “How can you be competitive?” The answer to this query should not only consist of the phrase “never seen before”, but you should also list companies that can be your potential competitors. This will make you look professional and gain respect from the sponsors. Of course, you should make your essay beforehand and provide potential sponsors with the data.

Focus on distance future, organize the nearest

Of course, only time will show how flourishing your business plan would be, but you should include all levels of development and its dormant results. Your sponsors expect you to determine steps for the nearest future, or merely what you are going to do immediately after they give you money.

May 24 2018


Why do Students Rely on Teachers Who Use Technology?

Information technologies open up new horizons for teachers. With the spread of the Internet, an organization of learning processes has undergone significant changes. In today’s article, you will learn about how technology in education is used, what its advantages and peculiarities are, and why students opt for tech-savvy teachers.

The role of innovation in the organization of academic processes at the university

Information technologies in education have significantly improved over the years. Today, you can study from anywhere in the world. Although traditional forms of studies are still relevant, technology-oriented learning has been gaining massive popularity.

In many countries, there is a formation of a new educational system, focused on integration into the global information and academic space. This process is accompanied by significant changes in learning processes, which must correspond to modern technical capabilities. The penetration of modern information technologies into the sphere of education allows qualitatively change the methods and organizational forms of instruction, making it more user-friendly and accessible. It is due to the convenience and accessibility/mobility that tech education provides that students prefer teachers who are able to utilize it and make the learning process much more enjoyable and effective.

Information and communication technologies (ICTs) are an important part of the schooling modernization. ICTs are various devices and methods of information processing such as computers with necessary software and telecommunications facilities. They allow for the remote interaction of teachers and students.

Computer tech opens up entirely new technological learning options thanks to the unique capabilities of modern computers and telecommunications. They are aimed at achieving the following goals:

  • Formation of skills enabling to work with information;
  • Formation of the information society;
  • Maximum comprehension of material;
  • Activation of cognitive activity;
  • Formation of research skills, the ability to independently make decisions.

The use of ICTs can allow searching for an answer to many questions while processing huge data sets in minimum time. At the same time, the role of both a pupil and a teacher changes significantly: there are more opportunities for an organization and development of cognitive and learning activities. The use of ICTs helps students discover the world around them more efficiently developing their intellectual potential, which is yet another reason why students seek out teachers making use of tech.

However, if students do face some difficulties, they can always get some expert assignment help online.

Electronic and distance learning tech

The use of modern technology in education allows for several options.


Initially, the term “e-learning” referred to computer-based schooling, but as technology evolved, the meaning of this notion expanded. Now e-learning covers a lot of educational technologies that can be conditionally divided into two groups – synchronous and asynchronous ones.

Synchronous e-education is distance education in real time. It is very similar to the regular full-time studies. The only difference is that the participants in the process are at a distance from each other. Webinars are the most striking example of this form of studies.

Asynchronous e-education is a process in which a student receives all the necessary information from online sources or electronic media (such as CDs, DVDs or flash cards) and independently regulates the pace for mastering the material. Nowadays, e-learning has become an integral part of the educational process in many universities.

Distance learning technologies

Distance learning is a broader concept as opposed to E-Learning: it is a synthesis of interactive self-learning and intensive counseling support. Thus, e-learning can be considered one of the learning tools of distance learning. Distance learning is a set of technologies that ensure the delivery of the main educational materials to students and interaction of students and teachers alike in the learning process.

Advantages of distance learning and choosing teachers utilizing it

Using technology in the classroom has many advantages.

Ability to study regardless of your place of residence

People from small cities do not always have the opportunity to move to a large city to study there. Distance tech in education allows you to study without leaving your hometown.

Ability to combine work and study

Students have the opportunity to receive the education while working for a company – this is especially true for those who want to improve their qualifications or get a second higher education.

Access to quality technologies and educational content

A student has access to quality teaching materials, while also being able to communicate with teachers and arrange an individual curriculum.

May 22 2018


How Do You Use Social Media to Promote Your Business?

Digital and social media marketing is becoming a buzz. Most internet marketers prefer the social media marketing given its ability to reach target customers more conveniently.

The developments in social media strategies such as sending of direct messages to potential customers have made it easy for modern marketers to reach a wide market base, unlike the traditional marketers.

Building a wide fan base on a social media platform such as Facebook can help a company to build personal relationships with the customers and get immediate feedback from the clients.

However, most of us still lack the necessary skills to market their product and services on the social media. The following are some tips you can use to promote your business on various social platforms.

1. Select the right platforms to market your products

The number of social media platforms grows every day. It is important that one choose the right platform to market their products and services. In doing this, it is vital that you establish your target customers are and the nature of your business.

To examine which platforms your customers, use, carry out extensive research. Attempt to register on such platforms. Ensure the platforms you register on are designed to promote your brand. For instance, YouTube is an ideal platform for a video company.

2. Create a calendar

The quality of all your social media posts should show how professional your business looks. This means that they should be designed early to avoid the last-minute rush. To come up with effective posts, it is important that you create a social media content calendar. This will help you avoid mistakes such as lull or repeated posts.

3. Be social

Being more interactive on the social media can help you increase the number of individuals following your posts. Of course, social media is all about being social. I recommend that you encourage engagement to take advantage of the social capability of the platform.

Research more on what your target audience likes. Post, repost and ask questions on the different posts to get some feedback from the audience. Also, you can comment or like other users’ posts and comments on your products. Being social with your customers make them feel appreciated.

4. Avoid regular advertising

Over-promoting your products and services makes you bore on the social media. Create content that your audience is interested in reading; you do not have to market yourself in every single post you come up with. The one-in-seven-rule can help you determine when to be promotional and when to be content-based.

In the one-to-seven rule, you can post one directly promotional post in every seven posts you make. The other six posts should be content based only. You can comment on your previous posts, or ask a question, and share articles.

5. Video sharing

Visual media makes the social media more interactive. Apart from conveying your personality and passion to the customers, video content is ideal tools for grabbing people’s attention. People can easily engage with the video content as they scroll down the social feeds.

A typical video content post allows you to say more and save on space. To get the best reaction from your audience, you can come up with engaging, interesting, and narrative-driven video.

6. Quick response to problems

In most cases, you receive positive feedback on all your social media posts, but this is not always the case. Sometimes you may receive negative feedback about your company from the audience. To catch issues before they escalate, you should carefully monitor mentions of your brand on the social media platform.

You can respond to negative feedback from the audience by apologizing to the target audience if necessary. Direct message to customers on the social media can be used to respond to negative feedback from the clients. When responding to posts from individual customers, you can use direct messages to stop other users from viewing the of your post.

7. Building a community

Finding customers who are fully engaged, loyal, and interested in your brand is better than having many followers. Loyal followers are likely to become your potential customers. Also, you can get immediate feedback from your followers on the nature of your product or service.

It is easy to promote your brand more effectively by building your community. Members of your social media community will socialize and provide you with immediate feedback on your brand. Also, consider reaching out to some influential users within the social media community and persuade them to mention your brand in some of their posts.

8. Providing value

Providing value to your followers is the most important thing you can do to promote your brand on the social media. Always look forward to coming up with informative content for your posts. The right customers are attracted to your business when they find your posts more relevant to their needs. Your posts should be entertaining, comical, or informative in every aspect, to ensure you maintain your audience.


A successful social media campaign starts when you socialize effectively with your audience. Some of the tips given in this article can only be productive once you adopt them based on the nature of your brand.

May 21 2018


Here’s How Your Website Can Appear on the First Page of Google

If you have a website, then chances are you are aching to be on Google’s first search results page but given the number of websites and content around, that is a tough nut to crack! From established businesses to small business owners – everyone wants to show up on the first page because anything less than that is as good as non-existential.

Before we go on to HOW you can appear on the first page, let’s understand WHY you should aim to do so in the first place.

Did you know that 75% of users never scroll past the first page of search results? So, if you thought appearing on the second page would be good enough, well it clearly isn’t. Securing a spot on the first page increases your business’ visibility online, thereby leading to a rise in traffic and engagement. Another reason why you should make it to the first page is that it adds to your credibility. Google is like that boss everyone wants to impress – make it to the first page you have earned Google’s trust.

We bring you 7 ways you can appear on the first page of Google without spending a penny –

Clear URL

Your website URL needs to be clear and simple. If you are directing users to the ‘electronics’ page on your website, all your URL needs to have is your domain name followed by the target keyword which is ‘electronics’ in this case. Simple URLs give the message loud and clear and are more likely to get clicks.

Try to keep URLs devoid of any parameters. What are parameters you ask? Parameters refer to URLs that contain characters such as %, ?, timestamps, etc. and tend to impact the SEO performance of your website. Keep your URLs direct, short and ensure you maintain a unique URL for every page to avoid duplication.

Effective Meta Content

Meta content comprises a meta title and description and is meant to give the search engine more information about your website. The most effective meta titles are 30 – 65 characters long and meta descriptions are around 150 – 200 characters.

Make sure you strategically place the keyword in your meta title and description. While meta titles need to be concise and communicate the essence of the website, descriptions are slightly longer and need to summarize the page’s content and end with a call-to-action.

Don’t get lazy and ensure you allot unique meta titles and descriptions to every page on your website.

Right Keywords

Keywords refer to the words or phrases customers use to search for information. The most crucial aspect of having a highly ranked website is the optimal use of the right keywords. No, it is not as easy as using keywords randomly for the sake of it. Google is smart – you need to strategically place the keywords on your title tags and website content to be effective.

You can use keyword research tools such as SEMRush or Google’s Keyword Planner to search for the perfect keywords for your website. Always maintain a list of keywords and update it regularly. Keywords are also of two types – short tail and a long tail. As the name suggests, short tail keywords are of 3 words or less while long tail is more than 3 words.

As long tail keywords are more specific, they don’t bring in the volume of traffic that short tail keywords bring in. That said, short tail keywords are very competitive as everyone ranks for them. Hence, it’s a better idea to use a good mix of both to optimize your website content.

At the end of the day, make sure you put together an interesting content piece because no number of keywords or lengthy articles will do the trick if your content is not informative and engaging enough.

Quality Link Building

Quality link building helps improve the domain authority of your website because links indicate to Google that your website is a trusted source.

Getting external websites to link to your pages is referred to as external link building. Being linked on credible external sites enhances your ranking and gets organic traffic to your page. At the same time, even you can link to other credible external sources, that add value to your page.

While one half of the story is getting external websites to link back to you, the other half is building internal links. As the name suggests, internal links refer to inserting links to other relevant pages on your own website. Even though external links have a greater impact on the ranking, having internal links is also essential as it helps boost the links juice of the pages and aids navigation.

Speedy Website

A slow website can get very, very frustrating. Not only does it affect your user experience, but it also impacts your website’s SEO ranking which leads to lesser traffic. Choose a robust, SEO-friendly website host that does not slow your website. It is always recommended to opt for a dedicated server because the shared ones are likely to be busy and end up reducing your website speed.

Reducing the number of HTTP requests by cutting down on the number of images and unnecessary content also helps in increases your page speed. Remember to use the correct format and size of images on your website – JPEG is the best format to go for as it can be compressed to a small size.

Mobile Optimized Site

As per a report in 2017, 51.12% of web traffic came from mobiles – that’s right, mobiles have taken over the digital world. Moreover, with Google announcing a mobile-first indexing which means that rankings will be determined basis the quality of the mobile version of the site instead of the desktop version, it gives site owners enough and more reason to work towards a mobile-friendly website. If your website is not mobile-friendly, users won’t be able to view your site clearly which will lead to dropouts and a fall in page ranking.

The mobile-friendly design is one that makes the content on your page easily readable and delivers a seamless user experience. You can use Google’s Mobile-Friendly Test to check if your website is indeed optimized for mobiles.

SEO Optimized Images

We often tend to overlook the importance of optimizing images for SEO while focusing on the content of the website. Firstly, use images on your website – they are appealing and manage to grab the attention of readers. If you do not have original images, you can pick the best suited one from Flickr’s Creative Commons.

Remember to include the target keyword when you rename the file and reduce the image size while maintaining the image quality. Another important aspect is entering the alt text for your image which will appear if your image fails to load for any reason.

May 20 2018


Top 8 Tips for Effective Email Management

Email has modernized and transformed business communication. Now the entrepreneurs don’t have to think a lot whether someone is in the office to receive a phone call or be at the mercy of the post office.

There is an increasing amount of traffic related to contact support now being managed by email. By the use of effective email management businesses, freelancers and individuals can save a lot of money, resources and open up effective marketing options.

The use of effective email management keeps communication lines open within a company and collaborates on all the projects easily as well apart from external entities such customers.

But how can we acquire the best out of the email management? We have come up with top 8 tips for effective email management.

1.  Respond as Quickly as Possible

Unusually, customers don’t consider email as a consistent communication channel with a service organization. For instance, how many times have you sent an email to a company, and got no reply?

Or got only an incomplete reply after waiting for several days? Just imagine how much a negative impression it creates on the customer.

Generally, customers wait for an email response in two hours or less.

You will lose your potential customers if the email response times fall short of their expectation. So try to respond the email as quickly as possible.

2.  Follow the Fundamental

There are some important things that you can do to ensure a better email management experiences by making email a part of your main communication or multichannel strategy.

Simply keep your customers in the loop from the time they send an email to the time that they receive a reply. Try to manage your email flow and streamline your response procedures using email automation tools.

If you have a customer service people then train them to answer email properly that includes monitoring, measuring and optimizing your email management performance.

Follow the Fundamental

3.  Meaningful Response

The customers expect a rapid and meaningful response when they take the time to send an email. As a preferred communication channel, email communication is a useful way for organizations to answer questions and resolve customer’s issues.

You can take assistance from Assignment Help on how to write such responses. So try to make the experience of customers more positive through meaningful response.

However, dedication is required to make sure that responses are steady and well-timed to avoid causing irritation for the customer.

Also, make sure your email management solution facilitates you to track the progress of every email you send and notify you if an email is left unanswered.

4.  Response to Repeat Inquiries

To deliver the response to repeated inquiries from the customers, you can use the options of web self-service or frequently asked questions through email management system.

In case you don’t have that option in your present system, you can hire such self-answering services that provide immediate responses to the customer without the need for human involvement.

Organizations receiving hundreds of incoming customer inquiries each day can certainly benefit from an email response management system.

5.  Group Emails for Effective Response

Categorize the several types of incoming email communication using grouping and labeling feature. When you learn and recognize the content of the incoming emails, they can then be grouped and labeled into categories such as human resource, marketing, finance etc.

You can create various email groups relating to the different departments within your organization and label them accordingly. This will help you measure and monitor emails in terms that which department of your organization receives more emails.

6. Create Templates for Similar Replies

If you see through your sent folder, you’ll possibly discover a certain trend in things you reply to. For instance, if you are a service providing organization you can create separate templates that can be classified into these categories such as feedback, thank you mail, sales inquiries etc. You can use these pre-written templates to use in your replies.

email template

By doing this you can save huge amounts of time compared to past when you would type emails from scratch.

7. Prioritize Emails

Generally, when you read email and it is taking less than three minutes to read and give a response to, then take care of it right now, even if it’s not a high priority.

In other words, if the email is taking longer than three minutes to read or respond to, schedule time on your calendar, or add this on your  ‘to do later’ list.

There are many email management programs available that allow you to highlight, flag, or star emails that need a response. So always try to set the priority of your emails in order to achieve effective email management.

8. Use of Filters

Filters are the useful tool that helps you sort out between the emails that are work-related and spam. Remember that you will not always receive emails that are related to your work.

A good percentage of the emails you receive are useless and considered spam. So you will have to use up your precious time in differentiating the emails that are important ones.

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